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BACKGROUND: Treating infraorbital dark circles is one of the commonest aesthetic demands worldwide. Autologous fat transfer is commonly used to treat dark circles by filling the grooves, without effect on skin quality. Platelet-rich plasma has been reported to improve skin quality. Autologous fat can be emulsified and filtered to produce nanofat, which is then injected superficially in the dark circles to improve skin quality and discoloration.

OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma versus combined fat transfer and nanofat in treating infraorbital dark circles.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: 30 patients with infraorbital dark circles of combined etiological factors were randomized into 2 equal groups: Group A treated with platelet-rich plasma and Group B treated with autologous fat transfer with emulsified fat injection.

RESULTS: Excellent and moderate responses were observed in 3 (20%) and 2 (13%) patients in group A versus 7 (46.7%) and 4 (27%) in group B, respectively. Nonresponders were 8 (53.3%) in group A and only 1 patient (6.7%) in group B. The difference was statistically significant regarding improvement (p = .048) and patient satisfaction (p = .032).

CONCLUSION: Autologous fat transfer with nanofat is significantly superior to platelet-rich plasma in improvement and satisfaction.

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