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Background: To collect the published trials of probiotics in the treatment of diarrhea and to strictly evaluate and systematically analyze the efficacy of probiotics use for the prevention and treatment of patients with diarrhea.

Methods: We searched domestic and foreign literature published between January 2016 and July 2022 to find randomized control trials that used probiotics to treat diarrhea. Only studies published in English were considered. The quality of the included literatures was assessed by using the methods provided in the Cochrane Handbook. Valid data were extracted and analyzed by meta- analysis using the Software RevMan5.2.

Results: Total 16 trials and 1585 patients were included. The results of the meta- analysis showed that in comparison with the simple Western medicine treatment group or placebo, the added use of probiotics could improve stool frequency, stool morphology, and related irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Conclusion: The added use of probiotics can further improve clinical outcomes in the patients with diarrhea; however, the implementation of larger and higher quality clinical trials is necessary to verify this conclusion.

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