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Background: Transvaginal cholecystectomy encourages researchers to develop new hybrid or pure techniques for natural orifice surgery. We present an approach that combines flexible endoscopes, rigid instruments, and percutaneous needles.

Methods: A 26-year-old female patient with cholelithiasis underwent a single-port culdolaparoscopy cholecystectomy at "Hospital Regional Poza Rica" (Poza Rica, Mexico) on July 2008. The surgery was performed with only 1 transvaginal 16 mm in diameter by 32 cm in length port. The instruments included a gastroscope, laparoscopic 5 mm in diameter by 43 cm in length instruments, percutaneous reins, and hook needle.

Results: The patient was discharged 24 hours after surgery, which is customary for the hospital, without pain or visible scars.

Conclusions: Single transvaginal port cholecystectomy using a gastroscope and laparoscopic 5 mm instruments in a parallel path is a feasible procedure in selected patients. This technique requires no abdominal ports assistance.

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