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TREATMENT OF VERTEBROBASILAR artery aneurysms remains fraught with complications, even in the present era of microneurosurgery. In a series of 1150 consecutive patients with cerebral aneurysms from a defined catchment area with 870,000 inhabitants, 93 with vertebrobasilar artery aneurysms were treated by two surgeons during a 14-year period. Sixty-three patients had surgery, 36 during the first week after bleeding. There was no surgical mortality among 33 good grade patients. Nine (14%) of the 63 surgical cases had died at 1 year. Forty-nine (53%) of the total group of 93 patients were functioning independently at 1 year. Overall management mortality was 37%. All 11 patients admitted in Grade V died. In spite of improvements in surgical techniques, we are far from achieving ideal results. Early diagnosis and surgery before rupture are urgently needed. Arteriosclerotic giant aneurysms remain untreatable.

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