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Saroyan JM, Winfree CJ, Schechter WS, Roye D, Gold AP: Sciatic neuropathy after lower-extremity trauma: successful treatment of an uncommon pain and disability syndrome in an adolescent. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2007;86:597-600.

Lower-extremity trauma is an uncommon but reported cause of sciatic nerve injury in children and adolescents. Failure to identify sciatic neuropathy after traumatic injury to the lower extremity may lead to the delayed institution of neuropathic pharmacotherapy, electrodiagnostic testing, physical therapy, and increased risk for the development of complex regional pain syndrome. This article presents a case of an adolescent male with neuropathic pain and weakness in the right lower extremity after traumatic injury. Spontaneous recovery of the injured nerve occurred with early institution of pharmacologic and physical therapies. Operative exploration and neurolysis were considered but were not ultimately necessary.

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