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HIGH-DENSITY EEG recordings revealed sensory specific modulation of anticipatory parieto-occipital ~10 Hz oscillatory activity when visually presented word cues instructed subjects in an intermodal selective attention paradigm. Cueing attention to the auditory features of imminent compound audio-visual stimuli resulted in significantly higher ~1 0 Hz amplitude in the period preceding onset of this stimulus than when attention was cued to the visual features. We propose that this parieto-occipital ~1 0 Hz activity reflects a disengaged visual attentional system in preparation for anticipated auditory input that is attentionally more relevant. Conversely, lower ~1 0 Hz activity during the attend-visual condition may reflect active engagement of parieto-occipital areas in the anticipatory period. These results support models implicating parieto-occipital areas in the directing and maintenance of visual attention.

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