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: Dupont, G., K. Akakpo, and S. Berthoin. The effect of in-season, high-intensity interval training in soccer players. J. Strength Cond. Res. 18(3):584-589. 2004.-The effects of inseason, high-intensity interval training on professional male soccer players' running performances were investigated. Twentytwo subjects participated in 2 consecutive training periods of 10 weeks. The first period was considered a control period and was compared with a period where 2 high-intensity interval training exercises were included in the usual training program. Intermittent runs consisted of 12-15 runs lasting 15 seconds at 120% of maximal aerobic speed alternated with 15 seconds of rest. Sprint repetitions consisted of 12-15 all-out 40-m runs alternated with 30 seconds of rest. Results from the high-intensity interval training have shown that maximal aerobic speed was improved ( 8.1 /- 3.1%; p < 0.001) and that the time of the 40-m sprint was decreased (-3.5 /- 1.5%; p < 0.001), whereas no change in either parameters were observed during the control period. This study shows that improvements in physical qualities can be made during the in-season period.

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