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Alosetron hydrochloride (Lotronex(R), GlaxoSmithKline, Inc) is a safe and effective agent for selective patients with severe irritable bowel syndrome when prescribed as recommended. We describe the first reported case of acute liver injury in a 39-year-old white woman who developed symptomatic hepatitis 28 days after starting alosetron. All other competing causes of acute hepatitis were excluded by radiologic and laboratory studies and the liver injury resolved after drug discontinuation. Although the mechanism of alosetron hepatotoxicity is unknown, metabolic idiosyncrasy is suspected since the drug is known to be extensively metabolized by cytochrome-P450 enzymes. Clinicians prescribing alosetron should be aware of this potential side effect if unexplained abdominal pain, jaundice,or abnormal liver biochemistries are encountered in a treated patient.

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