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The purpose of this study was (a) to assess the energy cost and intensity of a single-set resistance training (RT) protocol conducted according to the recent ACSM guidelines and (b) to compare obtained values to those recently reported as eliciting health benefits via endurance-based physical activity (PA). Twelve subjects, mean age 26.7 6 3.8 years, performed 1 set of a 15 repetition maximum (15RM) for each of 8 RT exercises. Metabolic data were collected via a portable calorimetric system. Training intensity in metabolic equivalents (METS) was 3.9 /- 0.4 for men and 4.2 /- 0.6 for women (not significant). Total energy was 135.20 /- 16.6 kcal for men and 81.7 /- 11.1 kcal for women (p < 0.008). We concluded that the ACSM single-set, 8-exercise RT protocol is a feasible alternative for achieving moderate-intensity (3-6 METS) PA, but it is not sufficient to achieve a moderate amount (150-200 kcal) of PA.

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