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The advent of digital photography and radiography allows documentation of interesting clinical findings with unprecedented ease, and many orthopaedic surgeons have taken extensive advantage of this opportunity to create large digital libraries of clinical results. However, this leaves surgeons with a rapidly increasing volume of data to store and organize; therefore, a system for archiving, locating, and managing images, radiographs, and digital slide presentations has become a crucial need in most orthopaedic groups and practices. However, many surgical groups and practices are not familiar with the computer technology available to initiate such systems. In this review, we discuss several software solutions currently on the market to address the specific needs of orthopaedic surgeons, and as a practical example, discuss a system that is in place in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at our institution. Overall, depending on the individual circumstances of each institution, there are various options that meet different technologic and financial requirements.

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