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Background: In the last decade, many surgeons have reported their perspectives on microform cleft lip repair, including techniques for incision placement and size, philtral reconstruction, and nasal base reconstruction. This interest demonstrates continued controversy in the repair of microform cleft lip.

Methods: This is a retrospective cohort of patients from 2010 to 2016. The authors included patients with microform cleft lip repaired by our described technique who had both preoperative photographs, as well as photographs taken at >1-year follow-up. Patient outcomes were assessed through anthropometric measurements and also subjectively by 3 senior residents of plastic surgery.

Results: The inclusion criteria yielded 36 microform cleft lip patients. Most patients were satisfied with their results. Regarding subjective assessment, the scar appearance and symmetry was fairly good. Objective measurements indicated excellent symmetry, with the cleft side achieving 92.58% of the height and measurements of the non-cleft side.

Conclusions: Our method of combining labial muscle reconstruction through a personalized, small incision effectively corrects microform cleft lip deformity with minimal scar burden.

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