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Objective: To determine whether presumptive antibiotics reduce the risk of empyema or pneumonia following tube thoracostomy for traumatic hemopneumothorax.

Methods: A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial was performed comparing the use of cefazolin for duration of tube thoracostomy placement (Group A) versus 24 hours (Group B) versus placebo (Group C).

Results: A total of 224 patients received 229 tube thoracostomies. Logistic regression analysis revealed that duration of tube placement and thoracic acute injury score were predictive of empyema (p < 0.05). Empyema tended to occur more frequently in patients with penetrating injuries (p = 0.09). [chi]2 analysis showed pneumonia occurred significantly more frequently in blunt than penetrating injuries (p < 0.05). Presumptive antibiotic use did not significantly effect the incidence of empyema or pneumonia, although no empyemas occurred in Group A.

Conclusions: The incidence of empyema was low and the use of presumptive antibiotics did not appear to reduce the risk of empyema or pneumonia.

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